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Career Possibilities

Certified Academic Therapists enjoy a range of career possibilities earning excellent wages while enjoying flexible schedules as follows:

Become a Member of the ASDEC Therapy Center

Certified Academic Therapists (ATs) may join the AT Staff at ASDEC delivering services at the Rockville Center. ASDEC will manage client recruiting, billing, and all other management related activities. Rather than managing your own self-employment taxes, you will join ASDEC’s payroll system. Additional benefits include:
  • Marketing and other public relations services,
  • Malpractice and liability insurance,
  • Ongoing professional development opportunities,
  • Consultation with ASDEC faculty and supervisory team,
  • Photocopy and other office support services, and
  • Ideal office space for Academic Therapy.
Private Practice
Many certified ATs establish their own private practice. ASDEC refers students to our certified ATs.


Certified ATs may join ASDEC’s Supervisory team after completing a six-month internship. Supervisors meet with Academic Therapy interns three times per month and conduct on-site as well as videotaped observations.

Qualified Instructor

Certified ATs who have a master’s degree may join the ASDEC faculty as Qualified Instructors after completing three years as an AT, delivering 1400 hours of academic therapy, and teaching a multisensory Language Education Course (MSLE) course under supervision. Instructors also deliver workshops in the Washington area as well as throughout the country.

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