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"It starts with a gut instinct. But it’s a long journey from the moment when parents start to feel that something is amiss to the moment when their child is diagnosed with a learning disability or difficulty and finally receives the necessary support and services." GreatSchools.org
ASDEC staff have years of experience assisting parents with testing and services. Please contact us for the following information.

Testing and Individual Education Plans (IEPs)
  • Testing and Evaluation
  • Formal Educational Evaluations
  • Informal Screenings (Phonemic Awareness)
  • Review of Testing for a second opinion
  • Review of Individual Education Plans (IEP’s)
  • Developing appropriate IEP’s
  • Free Workshops such as:
  • Interpreting the Psycho-Educational Test Reports
for Practical Help at Home and in School
  • Taking the Trauma Out of Testing for Dyslexic Students
  • Handwriting Instruction That Improves Reading and Spelling (K-4)
  • With parents unsure of whether child is dyslexic
  • With adults unsure of whether they themselves are dyslexic
  • With professionals seeking information and referrals

ASDEC - Dyslexia Therapy, Training, and Parent Advocacy

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