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Readiness for Middle School Math 

Instructor: Marilyn Zecher and ASDEC Math Specialists

 Description: Marilyn Zecher will be the lead teacher and supervising teacher at all levels of instruction.  ASDEC Math Specialists from the Lab School and The Chelsea School will co-teach the sessions. These highly trained math experts teach at local independent schools that specialize in teaching students who learn differently. 

ASDEC's Math Program provides students with a unique opportunity "think outside the book" as they use hands-on applications to experience a variety of math concepts and applications. 

Readiness for Middle School Math is for students in grades 5 and above who need a stronger foundation to support work in middle school mathematics,  this program will focus on multiplication and division concepts & procedures, fraction-decimal-percent relationships, concepts & operations, and basic equation solving.  This program will also include fluency practice for math facts needed to support calculations.

When: July 13-31, 2020 10:00-11:30 am

Cost: $750

Location: ASDEC, 17 West Jefferson Street, Rockville, MD

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PLEASE NOTE: STUDENTS MUST ENROLL IN ONE MATH Program ONLY. They may not be registered for both the Middle School and The Algebra Prep class.

Upcoming events

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