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ASDEC Services for Parents & Students

"This is really beginning to work. I used to hate writing but now I love writing stories and other things." 14 year-old Academic Therapy Student
Based on over 10 years of experience teaching and training specialists in the field of Dyslexia education, ASDEC is in a unique position to assist parents with the complex array of services that exist in the Washington, DC area. ASDEC also delivers direct services to students through our summer program for children aged 7-15 and through our Nationally Certified Academic Therapists who serve students of all ages including adults who struggle with reading and math.

For Parents
ASDEC staff provide referrals to diagnosticians who can provide a full range of educational testing and other evaluation services.  If testing results reveal learning disabilities in reading and/or math, ASDEC Clinical Directors will refer parents to ASDEC Academic Therapists.
In addition, ASDEC also works with parents directly to help them navigate the diagnosis and treatment of their child's learning disability by offering a range of free and fee-based consultation services.

ASDEC faculty work closely with a number of private schools that provide specialized educational programs for students with learning disabilities. ASDEC staff also work closely with a number of local, national and international organizations that promote research, advocacy and training in the field of learning disabilities.

For Students
ASDEC faculty work directly with elementary, middle school, and high school students in our intensive summer program where students raise their reading and writing skills dramatically by working one to one with highly trained and closely supervised staff.  In addition, ASDEC is developing clinics located throughout the region that will assist students with writing, math and study skills.

ASDEC therapists also teach dyslexic adults how to read giving them the literacy skills they need to enter the workplace and participate more fully in the community.

ASDEC - Dyslexia Therapy, Training, and Parent Advocacy

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