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What People are Saying about ASDEC

ASDEC programs teach success for therapists, teachers, and tutors.  Most important they profoundly change the lives of students who struggle with learning.  These students not only gain critical skills in reading and math, they also gain the self-confidence necessary to achieve the academic goals.

Below is what parents, students, school administrators and trainees say about our programs.

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“ASDEC has been a unique and invaluable resource to both my son and his parents -- I know my son would not be doing as well as he is today without them.  My son took several of ASDEC's summer courses which in a short time, greatly improved his reading, writing, and self-knowledge about dyslexia.   We as parents met privately with ASDEC staff who helped us learn how to best support our son and understand how he sees the world.   We have had a superb private tutor recommended through ASDEC that has helped my son advance where public school education and IEPs have clearly missed the boat.  With ASDEC's many resources and support, my son moved from reading at grade level to above, and is now in honors classes in public high school, doing very well.  If you even suspect your child has a language-based disability, do not wait any longer to see if your current school can help them, you need the expert advice and support that only ASDEC can provide.” - Parent of a child receiving services from an ASDEC Academic Therapist


“This is really beginning to work.  I used to hate writing but now I love writing stories and other things.” - 14 year-old Academic Therapy student

“This is the only place where they know how to teach me.” - 15 year-old participant in ASDEC summer program who has long history of school refusal

Academic Therapists

"ASDEC's courses have been stimulating, edifying, and above all energizing.  Language I and the Practicum gave me a powerful approach to teaching reading and writing as well as a more comprehensive understanding of the English language and language disorders. I have become a better parent and teacher, and a stronger advocate for my children and my students as a result." - Graduate of ASDEC Academic Therapy Certification program

Participants in ASDEC Courses and Workshops

“Sounds In Syllables starts the learner off learning...the sounds in syllables. If I could paraphrase, Sandra said that we already have the Language Arts in the schools. This "Sounds In Syllables" program is the Language Science. This goes to the bare bones of the English language. We have a letter that we are learning that day. We learn how to read it and how it sounds. We sky-write it (tracing it in the air with our arm outstretched), we trace it on the desk in front of us, we reinforce it by speaking the letter out loud. The program is built so that the student is constantly reinforcing the learning of the letter visually, auditorally, and kinetically.

"It was PHENOM! EVERYONE should be taught in this manner. I recommend this program to anyone going into teaching, regardless of whether or not you will be working with students with learning disabilities or not.” - Megan, participate in two-week Sounds in Syllables ASDEC course

"Best workshop I have attended in 9 years of teaching" - Participant at Multisensory math workshop

"I wish someone taught me math this way." - Participant at Multisensory math workshop

School Administrators

“Your training program is exemplary.” - Mary Farrell, Ph.D., Dean of School of Education, Fairleigh Dickinson University (NJ)

“The training is just elegant, and the results for my students are the most powerful I have ever gotten.” - Patricia Bradley, Teacher at Immaculate Heart School, Greensboro, NC, Formerly at St. Mary’s School, Rockville MD

“Your training has changed my teaching forever. I will never teach the same way again. My students went from no reading skills to reading on second grade level in one school year.” - Marcia Slatkin, Montgomery County, MD, Special Education Teacher
“A teacher’s time is valuable - ASDEC’s training provides practical approaches and activities that can be instantly applied to the classroom. An invaluable and effective approach to teacher training that positively impacts our students.” - Jilly Darefsky, School Director, The Siena School, Silver Spring, Maryland

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