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ASDEC faculty teach a series of courses at our Rockville location that prepare individuals for certification as Academic Therapists. These courses are also open to teachers, parents, and other educators who are interested in learning the most effective multisensory strategies for teaching reading and math. We provide graduate credits through Trinity University Washington that can be used for teacher certification, salary increments, or for re-certification/seat hours, where applicable


Langauge Foundations Course Now Open:  Sold Out

Language Foundations: Structured Literacy Basics:  NEW LOCATION:

We secured larger space at St. Jude's Catholic School

4820 Walbridge St, Rockville, MD 20853

 This course prepares  candidates for certification as Academic Language Practitioners (aka Licensed Dyslexia Practitioners).

Language Foundations (also known as “Structured Language Basics – SLB) is an Orton-Gillingham based multisensory approach to teaching reading-language arts skills in an inclusive classroom.  This curriculum is equally successful with elementary, secondary, and adult students for whom reading and spelling present significant problems.  More importantly, the use of Language Foundations in the primary grades can act as a preventative measure for difficulty with reading and spelling in the later grades. 

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Language 2: Sounds in Syllables: 

Instructor:  Merida Hurkett. CALT

Course Description: ASDEC faculty introduce students to the higher linguistic concepts taught from level 2 through level 4 of Sounds in Syllables by Sandra Dillon. In addition to learning these concepts, the student will demonstrate multisensory instructional methods for teaching these concepts to their students.

Additional areas of study will include reading in-depth articles and chapters on multisensory instruction by leaders in the field of dyslexia. Areas of concentration will include higher levels in Alphabet skills, Handwriting, Spelling and Verbal Expression as well as discussion of written expression, vocabulary and etymology.

Pre-Requisite: Must have successfully completed Language 1. Must be enrolled in ASDEC practicum (supervision).

Next Course:
September 8-November 17, no class on October 6 2018
Saturdays:  9:00-4:30     

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Neuro-Psychology of Learning Differences

This  hybrid onsite and online  course offers full, up-to-the-minute research findings in the brain functions underlying learning, with emphasis on language-learning. Students will learn about the history of psychology, brain structure, brain development, and neurological anomalies that produce learning differences.  

Course Instructor, Dr. Anthony Henley will discuss how to use different intervention strategies based on a better understanding of how neurological conditions affect learning. Specifically, students will learn how to analyze behaviors and create more effective learning environments both in a one-to-one teaching environment as well as in the classroom.

Students will also learn how to read and analyze neuro-psychological testing to design the most effective learning interventions. This class is ideal for all teachers, academic therapists, tutors and parents who wish to better understand the neurological strengths and weaknesses of their learners.

We provide graduate credits from Trinity University Washington that can be used for teacher certification, salary increments, or for re-certification/seat hours, where applicable.  You must submit registration no later than the first day of the class. To register,contact us at

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When:  Sundays 9/16, 9/30 10/14, and 10/28 
Time:   10:00-4:00
Where: 22 West Jefferson Street, Rockville, MD
Tuesdays, 9/25,10/9, 10/23 and 11/6 from 7:30-9:00 p.m.
Cost:    $800

Atlantic Seaboard Dyslexia Education Center
22 West Jefferson Street, Suite 307, Rockville, MD 20850
Phone: 301.762.2414

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